6ft Chartwell Rabbit Run XL

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A massive problem for keepers of small animals is making sure that your pets are getting enough exercise. Just like their human counterparts the benefits of staying active are huge. Although important how much your pet is actively moving around, it can be easily overlooked. It’s essential that all owners understand the benefits of not just a proper diet but also the amount of exercise your pets getting. We’re proud that we supply best and most substantial pet houses on the market. And although a home is essential to serve as a safe place your pets can eat, sleep as well as socialise an outdoor run is just as important. Our Chartwell runs have been designed to act as both an add-on run for any corresponding sized double or single hutch, but also as a stand-alone run that can be used independently. An extra set of wired panels are included free with each Chartwell Run, and when fitted creates a four-sided secure playing area. The great feature of the Chartwell Runs is also the ability to work seamlessly with a hutch. Opening one end of the hutch is easy, just remove the wired panels and position the run to the front of your Chartwell hutch. An extra set of Hook and Eyes included with each run are fitted by hand and enables the run to hook on and off when needed. Once attached your pets can go in and out whenever they want. Also, don’t worry about your little ones escaping underneath your hutch, when connected the run is designed to block off the gap created by the hutch legs. Each Chartwell Run is a market leading 701mm high, that’s well over 2 feet and towers over all other mass produced runs! Two roof doors open and close independently allowing access. Efficiently allowing your to manage the internal space as well as opening and closing the hutch doors. Width: 1762mm Depth: 1945mm Height: 690mm


  • Can be used as a stand-alone run or attached a corresponding sized single, double or 2 tier hutch
  • Made by hand in Great Britain
  • 4 independently opening doors in the roof for easy access
  • Tallest run enclosure on the market, 2.3 ft height
  • 1 inch by 1/2 inch 16 Gauge wire mesh used throughout
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